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(taged, stuff I added is towards the bottom)
I've been taged by :iconokanno:

1. I hate Kendra McKinley beyond all reasons
2. I hate myself
3. I think having a boyfriend (or girlfriend if your a boy) is pointless unless you are truly in love and all you think about is that guy/girl you like because you are soo in love with him/her and don't think about other guys/girls (cartoon characters/actors/actresses don't count) except for him/her and to not be a slut where you go around hugging 20 different guys/girls every fuckin' day
4. I hate people who fit the discription above
5. I've been in love with Timmy Turner, Danny Phantom, Garfield Logan (beastboy), Inuyasha, and Johnny Depp over the years of my young life
6. the random facts I mentioned are stupid and nobody cares is they know them or not
7. I am posting this extra random fact because I tag :icondragonchic18:  

I love Disney Movies. They always have a good story to it, and an interesting plotline. I mean if your like, five, it seems so awesome and it seems like its a four hour movie. When your older it's still a good movie, but it seems shorter you know? Anyway, when your five years old and your watching a Disney movie, if your a girl, your fav character is automaticly the lead female character, if your a boy; the bad guy, or if your a gay; the superhero or lead male character. You watch it mindlessly for hours again and again enjoying it but never notice anything. The perverted parts and whatnot are invisible to you, you pay too much attention the the idea of the story and don't notice things that are bad. No matter how many bad perverted parts there are in a Disney movie, it's always rated G or PG. Why? Because the movie was intended for five year olds and the producers of the movie know a five year old won't notice anything wrong. Like in "Aladin" when Jasmin turns all slutty towards Jaffar to distract him, kids don't notice cuz they know she's just distracting him, not doing anything wrong. Besides, their parents wouldn't let them watch anything that was intended for 13 year old, unless their parents sucked ass. Parents are more likely to stop their 13 years old kids from watching a Disney movie than some retarded 5 year old. Because parents know their older kids will pay more attention to every last detail in the movie so they catch all the wrong perverted parts.

When you watch some Disney movie when your like, 13 or something, your favorite characters change. If your a girl; your character changes from the lead female character, to some random guy. If your a guy; your favorite character is the hot lead female character. I know from experience:

When I was 8, I loved the "American Tale" movies. You know the ones with the little mouse kid (Fievel) and how he gets lost from his family and stuff? I know its not a Disney movie but I'm using it as an example cuz I can so shut up. Gah, the characters are:
Fievel: the little mouse kid who is the main char. (all)
Moma and Papa: Fievel's mom and dad......duh (all)
Tanya: the sister (all)
Cholena: the indian girl (Treasure of Manhattan Island)
Tiger: the big fat cat who follows them around (all)
Tony: Fievel's friend (American Tale, Mystery of the Night Monster, Treasure of Manhattan Island)
Nellie Brie: the reporter (Mystery of the Night Monster)

My favorite one was the 3rd one… where they find that treasure map and they follow it underneith the subway and find the indian mice tribe with the girl indian (Cholena) who becomes one of the most important chars. in the movie and she follows the mouse dudes back up to the land and then everyone's after her and stuff cuz the bad guys say her tribe wants to take back over the island and stuff? Yeah that was my favorite one. When I say it for the first time, guess who my favorite character was? Yup, Cholena: the lead female role of that movie. My least favorite character? Tony cuz he was stupid and perverted and all he ever thought of was girls and sex and stuff. Not that they really showed him thinking that but you know thats what he's thinking.
I was watching the movie today and now that I am older, my favorite character when I was 8, Cholena, is now annoying as hell and I can't stand her. My least favorite character when I was 8, Tony, is now my innerspeices bitch so don't touch him. Tony was always the pervert of the show, I bet he makes extra money by shackin' up girls. He liked Cholena in that episode, not that she was all that pretty, but the fact that he is a pervert, it's not his fault. He probably raped her when the camera wasn't foccused on him. But you just can't hate him. I mean the anime pervert guys like Miroku and Shigure are hate-able cuz their human so some people think their annoying as hell (not that I do), but Tony, is a mouse; an adorable perverted mouse. It is humanly impossible to hate him. If you do hate Tony, then you are not a human even though you think that you are. The reason why I hate Cholena now, is because she is mean and stupid. Tony opens up his heart and to her and all she does is fuckin ignore him. When her and Fievel start singing that annoying "anywhere in your dreams" song and they walk into that flying basket together and go off without Tony who is clearly visible to Cholena as he is running towards her so he can get in the magical flying basket too. But what does she do? She ignores him. Why? Cuz she's a bitch. She likes Fievel instead. Tony works hard all day, he has a job and has to work for what he wants, even though he never gets it and all he wanted was to fuck up Cholena a bit. Is that too much for a perverted mouse to ask? And why does she like Fievel anyway? Doesn't she get that he's gay? HE'S TAKEN BY TIGER BITCH!! GET A NEW BOYFRIEND!! Oh and of course. At the part when Fievel and them are going to blow up the tunnel or something, Cholena give Tony a kiss to remember her. AWWW!!!! SOOOOO SWEEEET!!!!!!! Damn Cholena. DAMN HER!!


Tonya sux ass. She can't sing, she's fugly, and she's always bitching about something. In the first movie she sits there, in the second she gets all famous and shit for singing one shitty song that's not even sung that well, in the third she bitches and just sits there some more and bitches, and in the fourth she becomes a news person. Oh hooray! And she falls in love with the news dude who looks gay. AWWWW!!! But stupid bitch Nellie Brie steals him from her! GASP!!! Oh what a fantasic role she plays! Hooray for Tonya! SCREW TONYA!! YAH!!

OH! have any of you seen "Road to El Dorado"? With the the two guys (Miguel and Tulio to be precise) who win the map when they're gambling and accidentally stow away on some ship then get locked up and then escape and go to some randomisland then find the city and stuff? Yup, that's the one. If you notice when Tulio (the dude with black hair) is lifting up Miguel (the blond one) so he can tell the horse to bring them a pri bar, Tulio is rubbing his head against Miguel's ass. It is clearly visible and easy to see. In fact, I don't know how I didn't notice it when I was younger. And when Miguel leaves Chel (however you spell her name) and Tulio in the temple thing, umm.. yeah it gets pretty wrong. Backrubs is a kid's movie is bad! I know how I said the producers know a five year old won't notice anything,but they went a little too far with this one. Funny movie, you shuld view it.  
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Okanno Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2006
On the streets of manhattan,
we work all night and day,
too bad we are all gay :D

bbxterra4eva Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2006   Writer
watch the video fooooo tellme when your starting to watch it then we can rant about it
ravendarksparx Featured By Owner May 29, 2006
yeahhh ya got that right mate!! :D :D
bbxterra4eva Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2006   Writer
I'm going to make more journals like this. Funny because their true.
Dragonchic18 Featured By Owner May 29, 2006
Omg thats great!!!!! :rofl: Your totally right!!!! Accept I seem to totter between the lead female and the hot guy^_^ X3
bbxterra4eva Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2006   Writer
haha!! My friend came over last weekend and we didn't no what to do, so we decided we would watch some disney movies. OMFG! When all the wrong bad stuff started coming up we were just craking up!! We were up until like seven watching them. so awesome. Weird Al shouldn't just fuck up popular songs, he should fuck up cute little adorable disney movies and make the perverted parts more noticeable. THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS!!
Dragonchic18 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2006
OMG!!! XD :rofl:
Okanno Featured By Owner May 29, 2006
LMAO XD tis so true
CheshireSpikz Featured By Owner May 29, 2006
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